What We Do

PERREAULT Magazine is a global and digital publication promoting Global Causes, Education, Advocacy and Activism, with a readership of 320,000 readers located in 68 countries countries, and a combined social media reach of over 75,000 followers. Our goal is to encourage and create positive social and environmental changes.

Established in January 2014, it has since featured crucial global issues, focusing on Humanity, Wildlife, and our Oceans. Articles have included topics of Human Trafficking, Nature Conservancy, Children’s Rights, International Adoption, Global Mentorship, Empowerment of Women, Justice Rapid Response and Wildlife Protection. We have also partnered with the UCLA World Health Center, Duke Global Health Institute and United Nations Foundation to focus on Global Health.

The success of our publication is due in large part to the remarkable individuals, causes, campaigns, and organizations highlighted in each issue. Our rich content and digital tools enable our readers to consciously and actively engage with the individuals and organizations we feature. Our success is also due to our partners who lend their names and support.


The strong growth of PERREAULT Magazine is enabling us to develop CCN.GLOBAL. The official launch of CCN [Conscious Content Network] will take place in 2016, to coincide with the release of the magazine’s January 2016 issue and THE PLASTIC AGE campaign.

By creating a robust international ‘advocacy network’, CCN will become an interactive forum for the exchange of ideas and information to educate, inspire and impact socially-conscious individuals and consumers.