What People Say About PERREAULT Magazine

Brigitte, you are a massive talent! You editorial artistry is world class. - Ken Hatch

Thank you so much, truly from the bottom of our hearts, for crafting such a brilliant story about Omo Child and Lale Labuko. The article was well-stated, poised, and informative. I really admire the work that you do, both in this issue and in general. The magazine’s concept is smart and engaging. We feel very privileged to be a part of it all. - Madison Swoy, Communications Manager, OMO Child

Beautiful content and love every page of every article and interview. You never cease to amaze me with your knowledge and concern about the eco system of our troubled earth. I can only hope and pray that our future generations are inspired to live and love our environment the way you are teaching them to do. Thank you for another wonderful publication... - JMAN

"I open each issue of Perreault Magazine with great anticipation and I read each issue cover to cover. The content is thought-provoking and action-inspiring. The design is captivating, modern, warm and inviting. Brigitte Perreault has created a community of social consciousness. In a world that is constantly under attack by forces that seek to divide and overpower, Perreault Magazine is a gathering place of positive voices that bind us together for the common good of people and the planet. The community that is Perreault is not just a must read — it’s a must-do, must-be and must-share. She is the Arianna Huffington of social consciousness!” - A.J. Ali "The Wellness Motivator!" Host & Producer, Wellness 101

“Brigitte is a leader, an innovator, a creator of a very unique platform. Her publication inspires a huge crowd to get involved and to act! Bravo.” - JR Risk

"You are a true Alpha, among the influential and dynamic women who've inspired our vision to make beauty a more personalized choice for women around the world, and I would love to reconnect to share in person." Kind regards, Andy -Andy Howell, Founder, Alpha Moda

“Having worked briefly for another magazine, I truly appreciate the hard work that goes into publishing a fine magazine with great content.” - Anthony Caliri

“Thank you for being a divine light on the Quest to illuminate our souls” - Nazim

"Dear Brigitte, An amazing adventure scanning through the pages..the most exciting magazine I have read or seen in the past years...." - Alan Roderick Jones

"Very Impressive; Very Progressive... Outstanding & Important Publication:...!" - Gary LaSasso

"This my first encounter with your magazine. I am delighted to read the July edition. It reads with ease and pleasure. Thank your Mrs. Perreault. Your are a great editor." - Marie-Josée Pauzé

"Dear Bri, Excellent edition!! Valuable information to equip our minds so we may speak with some gravitas! Congratulations to you and of course our dear Mana." - Asha

"I just finished the joyful experience of your August issue: I’m having trouble deciding which article I like the best!!!! The whole issue RADIATES passion and commitment. It all expresses a love of the world as thoughtful action. What a thrill to see you there, Jean, among the other gifted and talented peeps who produce this great mag!! Congratulations to you both, for getting together, for introducing us, for creating this major, serious-and-delightful publication! I send you both my heartfelt congratulations, kudos, and loving thanks" - Carole Bosley

"Brigitte, Thank you for sharing your fabulous work, the magazine is beautiful on so many levels. It is obvious that a lot of work goes into every issue and equally obvious that you enjoy the creation and production of each. I can appreciate the project aspect, the work never ends and (thank God) neither do the rewards. The articles are captivating (art related my personal fav) and of course love the advertisements. From cover to cover - Expertly done…please keep me on the subscriber list." - Donna Wojcik

"Fabulous! The entire magazine is impressive - terrific production, layout, coloration, articles........Brigitte, you have a winner here!" - Linda Pollock

"I am very impressed with your work and this magazine. You have a lot of talent and much apparent skill." - Ken Hatch

"YES YES YES to every article, every image. Yes to the issues and concerns that have informed my life. You renew my vision and my dedication. You affirm my life." "W.S.Merwin plants trees. YOU plant vision, hope, dedication, action!!!" - Marion Patterson

"Thank you for your heart, integrity, inspiration and incredible vision! I'm so delighted to receive this message from you! What you've created and are sharing is fantastic!" - Shana Carlsen

"An OUTSTANDING issue! I loved the photographer, identify with her a lot even before I viewed the video to hear her speak of her art. Thank you, I've got some people to send this to who will be very inspired and also share!" - Mari Stanley

"Brigitte, I didn't have a chance to say how incredible all your current endeavours and new connections are... It's so so cool! You are ensuring your zine is and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with!!... But I had a little feeling about you and the zine from the get go!!" - Jasmine Alexander