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Teens For Safe Cosmetics, as the campaign was originally called, launched in January of 2005. 80 forward-thinking and inquisitive teens attended a meeting in Marin County, California about the harmful chemicals in beauty and daily use products. Cancer, birth defects, reproductive harm, asthma, and other serious health risks were linked directly to many ingredients in products young people use daily. This information shocked everyone! Driven by outrage at lack of oversight, transparency, and protection of public health, coupled with a desire to raise awareness about eco responsible living amongst young peer groups, the campaign was born. Under the guidance of Executive Director Judi Shils (who founded Search For The Cause in 2002, to probe into Marin County's skyrocketing cancer rates), and her daughter, then 13-year-old Erin Schrode, teens began to come together for meetings each Sunday. What began around their kitchen table soon grew to have chapters throughout middle and high schools in the area. Early work of the campaign focused on identifying the personal care products most used by teens - and collaborating with chemists to outline the risk factors of specific ingredients. This research is what created our Dirty Thirty: a list of common ingredients to avoid, what products contain them, and the health risks they pose. Subsequently, we developed a list of Greener Alternatives: personal care product companies we vetted for safety, sustainability and efficacy. These two resources encapsulate much of the spirit of our campaign - firstly, to develop and provide resources that allow young people and the greater public to make educated choices and secondly, to put forth the best in green, sustainable, eco, conscious, and responsible products, practices, and guidelines that allow for people to make real change. And people listened to the voices of youth! From the start, we engaged in dialogue and joined forces with top innovators from all sectors - business, government, media, science, food, beauty, more. Read more...