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Giving Opportunity to Children GO Campaign identifies deserving Local Heroes throughout the world and partners with these grassroots organizations to provide children and young adults with critical services, resources and needed opportunities. We offer support and raise awareness about these small, highly-impactful organizations that might not otherwise come to your attention. Our partners develop programs to provide children and young adults with basic human needs such as shelter, food, clean water, education, medical care, vocational training, and income-generating activities. We believe that providing today's orphans and vulnerable children with these tools and opportunities to better their future is a critical part of the solution when it comes to fighting poverty. History has shown that the most effective way to fight poverty and make a difference in the lives of children is through small grants to grassroots organizations - and that's what GO Campaign does best. After vetting our partners to make sure they meet our grant-making criteria, the most important thing we do is LISTEN. We never go into a community and tell them their school needs a library or their children need better food or cleaner water - we let them tell us what they need, and we listen as they explain what impact fulfilling that need will have. We then brainstorm with them about the best way forward. They know best the needs of their community and we want to help them achieve their dreams and goals. That's why the projects we support vary greatly - because the needs and priorities of children are different everywhere we GO. n addition to giving these children the opportunities they deserve, our mission is also to give our donors, people like you, the opportunity to connect and make a difference. We give you the chance to donate to the project of your choice, to receive follow-up reports on progress, and even go and visit a project if you can. You are part of the solution equation, and by cutting out the red tape and waste associated with many of the larger aid organizations, we present you with the opportunity to have lasting impact on children's lives. In this way, GO Campaign offers you a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities, and there's no investment more worthy of our attention than the future of children everywhere. Importantly, 100% of general public donations fund our grantmaking to benefit local heroes. This is possible because private donors, the sale of auction items and sponsors cover our general administrative and fundraising costs. Their investment enables us to grow as an organization and thus be in a position to help more children.