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On January 1st, 2014, I officially launched my own publication: PERREAULT Magazine, a global and digital publication promoting global causes, education, advocacy and activism. My goal has always been to create social and environmental changes, due to urgencies related to humanitarian causes, the environment, wildlife protection, and so much more. The next generations need our help. I have personally been involved in humanitarian causes for the last 14 years, helping refugees to resettle, and working with survivors of state-sponsored torture. By meeting these extraordinary, resilient, and beautiful people, it has inspired me to build a business with a purpose. I created and launched my publication wanting to

  1. educate other people about important causes
  2. inspire them to become involved
  3. bring global causes together on one platform
  4. provide the ‘call-to-action’ tools

In 2014, the discovery of the ‘digital’ format for a magazine fascinated me. It offers the tools to get involved directly from the pages of the magazine, as well as the opportunity for the publication to rapidly become global. The digital format offers readers the tools to “donate”, “sign a petition”, “engage in a campaign”, “buy” an product (eco, upcycled, recycled, community-based), or “watch” a trailer for a cause-conscious documentary, all directly from the pages of the magazine. The results are instant. Our audience can offer public and/or financial support for the showcased causes and by sharing the magazine’s link via social media, email, phones, tablets, etc., it creates visibility for those important causes and organizations.

Our mission is to provide our readers with the necessary knowledge and tools to actively engage and to realize the importance of their support, their signature, and their voice.

Our goal is to INFORM, INSPIRE and EMPOWER global citizens, especially our YOUTH, to engage with the WORLD, to support causes, to advocate and to ACT.

We cover humanitarian causes, environmental causes - with a special focus on our oceans - and cover wildlife protection. We also cover Global Health and Women Leadership. PERREAULT Magazine aims to serve as an agent for social change and awareness. Our vision is to help change mindsets and redirect the consciousness of our readers towards realizing the importance of their knowledge, support, signatures, and voices.


Brigitte Perreault is a social entrepreneur, a human rights advocate and environmental activist.

She is the founder, publisher and editor-in-chief of Perreault Magazine, a global digital publication launched in 2014. Inspired by her vision to actively participate in making a difference, her cause-driven publication rapidly became a platform for education, advocacy and activism. The magazine covers humanitarian causes and global campaigns, educating readers on environmental issues, wildlife and ocean conservancy, as well as global health.

Brigitte’s mission is to inspire readers to get engaged with a cause and to get involved. Brigitte’s management and guidance made possible for Perreault Magazine to be distributed in 68 Countries, counting a following and readership of 300K.

The publication has partnered with organizations such as the United Nations Foundation, Oceana, Dr. Sylvia Earle (Mission Blue), Capt. Paul Watson (Sea Shepherd), Carlos Santana (Milagro Foundation), Rock Against Trafficking (R.A.T.), UCLA Center for World Health, War Child USA, Earth Guardians, ConnectHer, Justice Rapid Response, ArtCop21 and World Central Kitchen.

Visit: Official website and Digital Magazine

For the past decade, Brigitte has served as a volunteer for a non-profit organization called PTV (Program for Torture Victims) as an interpreter and an advocate for clients, coordinating client events, and serving as an ambassador for PTV in the Los Angeles community.

“She bear witness to PTV’s clients’ heartbreaking experiences and plays a critical role in their care as they begin the slow process of healing and rehabilitation.” – Trip Oldfield, Exec Dir.


  • Human Dignity Award: On September 14th 2016, at the 6th Annual Human Dignity Awards Dinner, Brigitte Perreault was presented the ‘Human Dignity Award – Volunteer of The Year 2016.
  • Harvard University: In November 2014, Brigitte served as a Special Ambassador to Haiti and a Leadership Member for the First Global Symposium on Child Permanency & International Adoption held at Harvard.
  • Worldwide Who’s Who: In 2012, Brigitte’s leadership and endeavors with refugees and survivors of state sponsored torture was recognized by Worldwide Who’s Who.


Brigitte Perreault is the author of ‘Why Is The Sky Blue’, a scientific book with an environmental message, written in collaboration with Dr. Eric Cornell, Nobel Prize awarded in physics. Her book is sold in scientific museums and online. It is a recommended book for school projects.


Brigite recently expanded her publishing company into creating and publishing digital magazines for other organizations and corporations.

Contact: bp@perreault-magazine.com bp@sphere.la 310.920.4810

"We all have a voice and our signatures count. Together we are creating a new culture. culture of digital activism.”

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Jean develops and maintains key client relationships, and brings her expertise at identifying and developing growth opportunities to PERREAULT Magazine.

She helps define long-term organizational strategic goals, identifies business opportunities and maintains an extensive knowledge of current global campaigns launched by corporations, individuals and non-profit organizations. Using her knowledge of markets and trends, she identifies new opportunities for alliances and collaborations with leading cause-based organizations, non-profits and institutions of higher learning, and corporations.



Penny is a results-oriented executive specializing in connecting people and organizations with opportunities for growth. With over 25 years of experience in staff and project management, her career path has led through the non-profit, aerospace, astronomy, publishing, travel, and legal industries, as well as the British political arena.

She is an effective communicator, and successfully cultivates partnerships and alliances to promote business development, drawing on a wide circle of professional and personal contacts. Additionally, she has a proven and impressive track record of successful fundraising experiences that include donor/client cultivation, corporate/foundation giving, stewardship, public relations, and more.